These common trees smell pawsitively terrible.

During the warmer months most of us like to escape our homes and enjoy the outdoors and everything nature has to offer us.

The sights in the Hudson Valley are tough to be beat. There are some amazing things to see in this region. The smells aren't always as amazing. I'm not talking about the smell of manure in some parts of Orange County or even the waste water treatment plant that always seems to smell in the Poughkeepsie area.

Why does this local tree smell like cat urine?

I've noticed the most foul smell when walking outside lately. When I walk past these plants I get hit with an overwhelming smell of cat pee. I can't be the only one who notices the strong scent of cat urine in the Hudson Valley area. It turns out there is a very specific but common plant that smells like this.

I first thought it was a Juniper but according to Love For Bonsai, this is a common mistake. The experts at that website claim the smell is coming from three possible small trees. These trees are the Boxwood, Valerian, and Viburnum Tinus. The trees are notorious for their cat pee-like smell.

There is another tree that has a familiar yet odd aroma. People often compare the smell of a Callery Pear Tree to semen. Researches say that the odor from the tree blooming is similar in smell because it's made from the same chemical compounds as ejaculate. This may be the grossest thing you read on the internet all day long.

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