"The Big Series" will be part of the 105th season in Middletown, NY.

With all the talk about what the future will hold for the Orange County Fair Speedway in recent years, things seem to be on a positive upswing thanks to two heavy hitters in the industry. Longtime dirt racing advocate Doug Dulgarian and racing legend Brett Hearn have saved racing at the speedway, at least for another season.

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The news of racing continuing in 2024 at Orange County Fair Speedway broke over the weekend at a book signing by Doug Dulgarian at the popular Middletown racetrack. According to the Orange County Fair Speedway, Brett Hearn and Doug Dulgarian have secured 3 Sunday afternoon /evening race dates this summer to bring back the 105th season of racing.

The 3 race series will be referred to as "The Big Series", and it is a new venture for the 2 man team. They are also in search of partners to help put the series together.

When Will "The Big Series" Be Happening at Orange County Fair Speedway?

While details are still being worked out for the series, the race dates have been tentatively scheduled for the following dates:

Sunday, June 9: the 18th Annual Nostalgia Night, typically a most popular event at the speedway.
Sunday, August 4: the 105th Anniversary Race.
Sunday, September 8
In addition to the 3 main race dates, 4 Test and Tune sessions have been scheduled for the following dates:
Saturday, June 1
Thursday, June 6
Saturday, August 3
Saturday, September 7
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If interested in helping with this series, you may contact Doug or Brett at these emails:
This is very exciting news for race fans and for the future of racing at Orange County Fair Speedway in Middletown. Get on out and support these events this summer so that we can see racing continue on past 105 years at the legendary Orange County New York raceway.

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