When you picture your hometown do you see it as it is today or do you see the places that lined Main Street when you were a kid? The cities and towns of New York State slowly change as the years go by and sometimes we don't even notice the evolution.

Take Saratoga Springs for example, How much has Saratoga changed in the last 15 years? Take a look at the 'before and after' pictures below.

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Fifteen years ago I was 41, lived in another state and my son was only 5-years-old.  Today I live in the Capital Region, my son is about to turn 21 and I am 56! As I was growing older my surroundings were changing, yours were too. Let's see how much Saratoga has changed in that same time.

Saratoga Before and After

This is a 'before and after' look at Saratoga Springs, New York. What did the Spa City look like 15 years ago?

How many times have you taken a stroll along Broadway? How many times have you popped into one shop after another, sat on a bench outside waiting for your family to come back outside or had a bite to eat at one of the many restaurants?

15 years ago the Hampton Inn and Suits was just being built. There was a parking lot next to Cafe Lena on Phila Street and Druthers next to the Adelphi Hotel was just an alley. If your memory of these locations is a bit blurry, take a look at these before and after pictures of Saratoga.

For Sale: The $18M Palace of a Saratoga Springs Socialite!

Famed Riggi Palace for Sale! See inside the exquisite estate of a Saratoga socialite and her late husband, for sale in Saratoga County. This home is once again listed and back on the market, so if you have a cool $18M burning a hole in your pocket, it may be worthy of a walk-through.

Saratoga County Homestead

Tour the Saratoga County Homestead

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