The New York Yankees and Baltimore Orioles provided fans with plenty of entertainment during their game at Yankee Stadium on Tuesday night. The Yankees battled back to tie the score in the game's final inning, and ended the game with a walk-off victory in the following inning.

While the level of play on the field was certainly compelling, there was another source of entertainment that was happening by the outfield fence, and reactions from Yankees' fans in the stands were truly priceless.

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New York Fans React to Rogue Squirrel Scurrying Along Fence at Yankee Stadium

During Tuesday night's New York Yankees' game, as the team battled the Baltimore Orioles, fans sitting just beyond the outfield fence were treated to a different type of entertainment. A rogue squirrel went scurrying across the fence, causing fans in the first row to point-and-yell in confusion.

Check out this hilarious video of the situation as it unfolded, courtesy of YES Network and the MLB Twitter account:

The fans in the stands weren't the only ones to react in hilarious ways. Check out these incredible responses to the original video post:

Every now and then, a hilarious moment involving an animal will happen during a live sporting event. We've seen cats scampering across NFL fields, alligators wandering across fairways of golf courses in the southern states, and birds getting a bit too close to baseballs that were thrown or hit.

Yes, Randy Johnson, we're talking about you.

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Fans at Yankee Stadium / Getty Images

Either way, this squirrel's journey led to incredible reactions from New York fans in-person and online, and added another level of excitement to what was one of the best games at Yankee Stadium this season.

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