Most lawns in New York State are covered in a blanket of snow, especially those that reside North of the Hudson Valley. Will the white stuff remain until March or maybe into April? That remains to be see but certain Counties in the Empire State are used to this more than others.

When you think of the snowiest places in North America Alaska is top of mind. New Hampshire, Colorado and parts of California have to be among the snowiest right? One New York County in particular is listed among the snowiest in the Nation. We will reveal which County it is and rank the Top 5 Snowiest Counties in New York State. 

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Before we look at the Top 5 snowiest Counties in New York let's get a bigger picture. At the beginning of the winter season Wise Voter identified New Hampshire as the snowiest State in the Nation with an average of 174 inches of snow each year. Here are some of the other Top 10:

  • #2 - Maine with 92 inches
  • #3 - Vermont with 80 inches
  • #4 - Alaska with 79 inches
  • #5 - Wyoming with 77 inches
  • #6 - Michigan with 70 inches
  • #7 - New York with 61 inches
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Recently Lawn Love ranked 2024's snowiest Counties in America, Here's their top 5;

  1. Valdez-Cordova Census Area - Alaska
  2. Coos County - New Hampshire
  3. Placer County - California
  4. Matanuska-Susitna Borough - Alaska
  5. Yakutat City and Borough - Alaska

Number 6 in the Nation is New York's Number 1. Here are the Top 5 Snowiest Counties in New York State;

New York's Top 5 Snowiest Counties

New York State is one of the snowiest States in the Nation, Here is where the snow falls most.

Gallery Credit: Karolyi

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