Now that the weather's warmed up, it's the time of year that vehicle operators loathe when ATVs are zooming all over town. Some of them even try to drive along the road as if they're a motorcyclist, which is illegal, by the way! Now, you might be thinking, "Why is it such a big deal? Just let kids have fun!", but there are some major safety and community issues to think about.

Devon Janse VanRensburg via Unsplash
Devon Janse VanRensburg via Unsplash

ATV's are Unequipped for the Road

For starters, certain design elements on an ATV make it downright unsuitable for being operated on a road whether paved or unpaved, including "the narrow track, relatively high center of gravity, lack of rear differential on most models of ATVs, and tires designed specifically for off-road use" (Consumer Federation of America).

Not only that, but also according to a study by the Consumer Federation of America, depending on your ATV's engine, it can't reach the high speeds required on certain highways. You also can't always account for bumps and dips in the road, so speeding in an ATV could be detrimental if you're on the road.

ATV roadway deaths also increased at twice the rate of off-road deaths from 1998-2006, making on-road ATV riding a deadly behavior.

ATV Vandalism in Gloversville, NY

Last week in Gloversville, someone drove their ATV through Wolfarth's Pond and vandalized public property, seemingly doing donuts in the grass which left noticeable tire tracks. They are hoping to locate the individual driving the ATV in addition to the ATV itself. If you recognize the person or their ATV in the video above, you are encouraged to call the Gloversville Police Department at (518)773-4502 (WNYT,

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