There used to be a feature on the television news called the bus stop forecast. This segment was intended to let you know what it's like outside so that your children are dressed appropriately while waiting for the bus. Raincoat if it's raining, winter hat if it's cold, you get the idea.

Recently one adult could have used such a forecast and he set out on a camping excursion in New York. This individual called New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) officers because his gear got wet and that's just the start.

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On Friday April 5, 2024 at approximately 9pm, according to a DEC press release, a hiker from Massachusetts contacted DEC officials in Ray Brook, NY. and requested a ride. Why? Because his camping gear got wet.

New York State Forest Rangers verified that the hiker, on the Rooster Comb trail in Keene, NY, was not injured and suggested that he make his way to the trailhead, get a ride and find lodging for the night.

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At 9:30pm the 22-year-old hiker called Ray Brook dispatch again. This time he said that he was too cold and didn't feel that he could navigate the steep embankment with his bicycle.

Forest Rangers made contact with the hiker and they hiked to his campsite. When Rangers arrived they determined the 22-year-old was not dressed appropriately as he was wearing sneakers, jeans and a light jacket. Rangers retrieved his bike and gear and helped him to a motel.

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