New York State has just granted Lake George Village ten million dollars to revitalize and enhance the downtown area. Lake George was the latest winner of New York State's Downtown Revitalization Initiative.

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Google Maps Streetview

The town and village of Lake George applied for the funds to focus on Canada Street and the waterfront nearby. The projects that the town and village are considering are more housing opportunities, tourism-related improvements, and much-needed broadband expansion.

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Co-chairs of the Capital Region Regional Economic Development Council reviewed the application and said in a joint statement according to the Albany Business Review.

Lake George has crafted a strategy for its downtown that will create a welcoming path to attract first-time and seasoned visitors to this picturesque community again and again.

What Happens Next?

Lake George town will have to create a plan that will include the projects that they wish to enhance the downtown village. Three hundred thousand dollars is earmarked for the planning process. This includes creating a local planning committee.

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The planning will be completed sometime this year and once the plan is finalized, that's when the New York Department of State will select the projects to receive part of the ten million dollars.

New York State gives out these ten million dollar awards to other cities and towns in the ten regions of New York State to help with public and private projects. Past Capital Region winners were Albany, Cohoes, Glens Falls, Hudson, Schenectady, Tannersville, and Troy.

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Lake George Winter's Dream at Fort William Henry runs from Friday, December 8th through March 31st. The hours are from dusk, around 5:15 pm until 10 pm daily except Tuesdays. (It is closed on Christmas, New Year's Day, and January 2nd). The average time to explore Winter's Dream is 40-60 minutes.
There are six sections: Cabin of Dreams, Dreamscapes, Full Moons, Frozen Lake, First Snow, and Winter Woods.
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