Seal Spotted in Capital Region Water

Here's an Upstate New York video you don't see very often! Apparently lost in the Hudson River, a wayward seal washed up on a river bank in Troy, much to the shock of some onlookers who couldn't believe what they saw.

The video was posted on Sunday morning by an Albany man named Daniel Barbero, and it's slowly going viral. Most who watch the video gawk at the adorable seal's cuteness, while wondering how it washed up in Troy.

The video is about 50 seconds long, and at the end of the video, the misguided mammal jumps back in the water, continuing its trek - hopefully to safety.

"It’s a f..k… seal ! Crazy sighting , I’ve been fishing here for 20 yrs and this is the first time I seen a seal in Troy NY"  Daniel Barbero, Facebook


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Wayward seal in the Hudson River was spotted by some Capital Region residents in Troy. Photo: Screengrab from Facebook

See the Video Below

*CAUTION: The seal video contains some strong language and profanity that may not be suitable for all ears. 

According to wildlife experts, the Hudson River is a pretty safe place for seal pups, and while it's likely that he was out there on his own, he's at least free of predators and sharks.

  • Reports of live seals should be called into the New York State 24-hour Stranding Hotline, 631-369-9829. The call goes to the New York Marine Rescue Center, the federally permitted organization that responds to live seals.
  • The DEC offers seal-viewing guidelines.
  • The main advice: Stay back.
  • Keep a distance of 150 feet (three school bus lengths); don't feed them; keep pets leashed; limit your time focused on the animal to 30 minutes.
  • And yes, they can bite.

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