Jaclyn Humphrey, the mother of missing Schenectady teen Samantha Humphrey spoke to News Channel 13 this week, and if you're one of the many people in the Capital Region invested in this case, you should watch the video.

The video (posted below) may or may not clear up some of your preconceived notions about the mom, the family, and the search, now in its fourth week.

Samantha Humphrey - missing teen in Schenectady. Photo: Facebook
Samantha Humphrey - missing teen in Schenectady. Photo: Facebook

Some who have watched have more questions than answers, and others who haven't watched it are quick to throw stones.  But regardless, give some credit to Jaclyn for doing it.

I can't imagine having to address the media under such duress, the whole thing is a parent's worst nightmare.

The 10-minute video call between reporter Dan Levy and the teenager's mom started out with the reporter allowing her to "clear the air" about any misnomers regarding the case, specifically regarding Samantha's cell phone, the found jacket, or anything else on social media.

Where is Jaclyn now?

At the time of the interview, Jaclyn told the reporter that she was in North Carolina with her sister.

Why haven't there been any community search parties?

Jaclyn states that police told her not to because of "where they're at with the investigation," but when the time comes, she will push for it; even expanding the search wider.

What about Samantha's jacket and her cell phone, have they been recovered?

Jaclyn's ex-husband did find the jacket and turned it over to the police - after police had already learned that Samantha was missing.

Jaclyn believes that before the jacket was found, police were treating Samantha's case as a runaway.

Once the jacket was found, Jaclyn says police focused their efforts on the Mohawk River, and haven't been searching the area daily.

Police found Samantha's cell phone, but they have it, and she does not have access to it.

Jaclyn admitted that she's had a hard time sleeping and that the whole ordeal has been one "rollercoaster" but the "uncertainty" of the case has been the "worst thing."

Photo: Facebook
Photo: Facebook

Where is Jaclyn now?

Jaclyn told Levy that she's currently with her sister in Charlotte, NC, and will remain there until after Christmas claiming that she doesn't have the "family support that she needed up in New York."

She also informed WNYT that her ex-husband and son (Samantha's brother) will be spending Christmas in Puerto Rico, and the family will get together after the holidays to figure out what to do next.

Is Jaclyn losing hope? Does she believe that her daughter may still be alive?

Jaclyn admitted that as each day goes on, she's finding it harder to maintain any hope that her daughter is okay because she feels as if "she's not."

A side note here: People have been quick to judge Jaclyn and we're not here to change anyone's mind, below is the full interview. 

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