A new holiday-themed movie filming in New York is turning into a reunion of 3 actors from the legendary Christmas movie.

It was a pretty big story before the new year when it was revealed that a new holiday film called 'The Christmas Letter' had revealed plans to not only film in Utica, but it would also feature legendary comedic actor and Christmas Vacation star Chevy Chase.

Chevy is an icon for so many of his memorable roles, but his holiday alter-ego Clark Griswold may be his most well-known. 'Christmas Vacation' is an iconic movie, and now 2 more actors from the holiday classic will be joining Chevy in 'The Christmas Letter.'

Randy Quaid and Brian Doyle-Murray Join 'The Christmas Letter' Cast

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Randy Quaid and Brian-Doyle Murray will both be playing roles in 'The Christmas Letter'  creating a mini 'Christmas Vacation' reunion according to New York Upstate (NYUP). Quaid of course played the legendary Cousin Eddie and Doyle was boss Frank Shirley in 'Christmas Vacation.'

In a recent Facebook reel, the film's director Tori Hunter revealed the plot is based on a family man trying to compete with a wealthy friend and the "lavish lifestyle" on display in his yearly 'Christmas Letter' by taking his family on a year's worth of adventures. The plot sounds like a typical Clark Griswold/Chevy Chase plot!

NYUP says filming began in Utica last weekend and the exact roles each actor will play have not been revealed. I think one thing we can assume is just with the presence of these 3 legends, plenty of hilarity will ensue in 'The Christmas Letter.' And maybe we will get some of that 'Christmas Vacation' magic in what could be a new holiday classic!

Years down the road this could be another movie we quote endlessly during the Christmas season.

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