Nothing beats small-town life, and several New York locales offer the ultimate small- town lifestyle.

New York is synonymous worldwide with city life. It just goes with the territory of being the home of the world's most famous and most visited city. Those of us living in the Empire State know it is so much more. If the small-town or rural lifestyle is what you seek, there are many great places to call home or visit throughout the state!

Heck, just here in the Capital Region we have great small-town destinations like Ballston Spa, Chatham, Hudson, Lake George, and so many more. Every city center in this state has its own great collection of surrounding small towns!

Far and Wide Names 4 New York Small-Towns Best In the Nation

The travel experts at Far and Wide recently soured every state in the Union to determine their 100 Best Small-Towns In America To Live In Or Visit. What was their criteria for creating this ultimate small-town list? They looked at all towns with a population of 10,000 residents or less where one could do  "...somewhere new, unexpected and totally charming."

4 New York Small Towns Named Best To Live In & Visit In US

New York may be best known worldwide for the Big Apple, but here in the Empire State we know small-town life is just as rich. New York has a long list of amazing small towns to call him or visit across the state. Several of those towns are getting some sweet recognition as the best in the nation in Far and Wide's 100 Best Small Towns In America To Live In Or Visit. Check out the 4 New York locales that made the list!

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The 20 Worst Places To Live In New York [RANKED]

The experts at Money Inc. have compiled their annual rankings of the worst place to live in New York for 2023 based on safety, quality of schools, the strength of local job markets, and leisure/entertainment. When you put that all together, Money Inc. says there are 20 New York cities and towns to stay away from.

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See The 10 Trashiest Cities In New York State [RANKED]

Here we go's another list picking on some great New York cities and towns. Let's face it, if you approach something looking for trash - you will find what you are looking for in any city or town in any state. And while the municipalities on this list have their scars like any other city or town, those who live in and around them know there is plenty to love about all ten. While we in no way endorse this list, we still need to see which 10 New York Cities Roadsnacks says arethe state'sTrashiest based on crime data, drug use, the prevalence of dollar stores, welfare rates, and more.

Gallery Credit: Matty Jeff

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