Which New York city or town is the state's snowiest? The answer may surprise you!

Pretty much anywhere in New York State from the Catskills north and west, every city and town is a snowy one. Anywhere in these regions we have high average yearly snowfall totals, and the potential is always there for a blockbuster storm!

What Is The Average Yearly Snowfall In Various Areas Of New York?

Spring Storm Brings Few Inches Of Snow To Chicago
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According to the NY Ski Blog average snowfall map, yearly snowfall in these areas can range anywhere from 50 to 200 inches depending on where you are, with areas near the lakes and in the Adirondacks getting the highest snowfall totals.

The Snowiest Place In New York Will Surprise You!

Intense Winter Storm Brings Multiple Feet Of Lake Effect Snow To Buffalo Area
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Maybe like me, the first city that comes to mind as New York's snowiest is Buffalo or Rochester with their proximity to the Great Lakes. Both average nearly 100 inches of snow per year according to the National Weather Service! They get tons of snow and would be great guesses, but it is a small town to the east of Syracuse that gets the nod as the state's snowiest place.

A to Z Animals Says THIS Is New York's Snowiest Place

Can you believe the average snowfall in New York's snowiest place is 132 inches per year?!? That's 11 feet of snow per year!

So exactly where does all of this snow fall?

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The Town of Ava in Oneida County, which is about 60 miles northeast of Syracuse, is New York's snowiest place according to A to Z Animals. If you look at a map, you can see WHY this is New York's snowiest place as it lies in a lake effect snow path from both Lake Ontario and Lake Oneida!

The Aftermath Of Winter Storm Elliot In Buffalo and WNY

A Bomb Cyclone powered by Arctic air dumped more than four feet of snow on Western New York just before Christmas. Thousands were left without power and at least thirty have been confirmed dead in Buffalo. Homes along Lake Erie received the worst of the winter, with many frozen solid.

Despite a travel ban, residents left their homes in days after for groceries and to begin cleanup. State Troopers and military police have been trying to enforce the law as much as possible. Cleanup crews have been trying to clear as much of the snow as possible and dump it into Lake Erie, but the number of abandoned cars in streets and parking lots has slowed progress.

There's currently no monetary estimate of damage to the region.

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10 Largest Snowfalls On Record In Albany

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Albany's Top 10 Snowiest Winters Of All Time [RANKED]

Another Upstate New York winter is upon us. And while it is popular for forecasters to predict a cold and snowy winter ahead, how much snow would it actually take to make it an all-time winter when it comes to big a big snowfall total for the season? In the average winter, the National Weather Service (NWS_ says we get 59.2 inches of snow in Albany. We will have to crush that number this winter for the season ahead to make this NWS top 10 list of our snowiest Albany winters on record.

Gallery Credit: Matty Jeff


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