Snake Hill on Saratoga Lake is one of the most recognizable landmarks. It is prominently visible from every part of the lake and features 30 acres of undeveloped land.

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Originally Stewart's Shops, who owned the land were going to build four houses. But in March of 2022, the plans were withdrawn and recently the land was sold. So what is next for Snake Hill in the town of Stillwater on Saratoga Lake?

Who Bought The 30 Acres on Snake Hill?

Stewart's Shops sold the 30 acres on Snake Hill to Saratoga PLAN. This is a nonprofit conservation organization and land trust. The mission is to preserve Snake Hill's rural character along with its natural habitats. It is also important for Saratoga PLAN to preserve the scenic beauty of Snake Hill.

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How Did Saratoga PLAN Fund The Sale of The Land?

The land was sold for one million dollars. Funding for the sale came, in part, through New York State's 2023 budget and allocated to the land trust.

According to the Albany Business Review, Stewart's Shops Chairman Bill Dake said,

We hope that it can live up to everybody’s expectation and evolve in a manner equivalent to the dramatic location that it is,” said Stewart’s Shops Chairman Bill Dake in a statement.

As a gesture to help preserve the property, Stewart's Shops gave one hundred thousand dollars back from the sale. This will go towards future upgrades.

The Executive Director of Saratoga PLAN Rob Davies said,

Snake Hill has some wild forest and wildlife habitat that you don’t find on the rest of the shoreline. It provides a unique experience for people using the lake. It drove the conservation interest to see Snake Hill preserved.

There will be several public meetings throughout the year. Saratoga PLAN will be holding fundraisers for the management of Snake Hill.

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