Sunday's 1 pm Bills/Browns Game is Not Televised in Many Parts of Upstate - Including Albany.

Buffalo is expected to get absolutely annihilated by snow this weekend - and for a city that prides itself on toughness and grit, moving the Bills game out of New York is the ultimate kick to the gut.  But we get it - it's for everyone's safety, and it's probably the right thing to do.

Over the last few days, the NFL has tried hard to navigate weekend games around the massive snowstorm, and as a result, Sunday's game between the Bills and the Browns was moved out of western New York, and into Detroit.

With that announcement, CBS Sports listed the network games we'll be seeing in our area, and it appears as though Bills vs. Browns is NOT one of them.

The coverage map below shows two colored areas.  The parts of New York shaded in green will see the Bills/Browns, and the area colored blue will see the Jets/Patriots. screengrab screengrab

As you can see, much of the Capital Region will NOT be seeing the Bills vs Browns - the cutoff appears to be about 30 or 40 miles west of the immediate Capital Region.

Want to see the game, but it's not on TV?  No worries. Below is a list of the best Bills Backer Bars in the area where the game is always on!

If you can catch the game at any of these top-ranked Bills Backers bars, you'll see plenty of red, white and blue, be able to enjoy tons of great wings (maybe even beef on weck), great drink specials, and fun, interactive trivia and games.

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