Tuesday's loss to the Oakland Athletics at home was bad enough for the New York Yankees.  To make matters worse Yankee manager Aaron Boone was ejected and didn't even do anything wrong.  Boone is normally fiery but a fan said something and then he got tossed by the home plate umpire.  It was only 5 pitches into the game too which is even more absurd.  The team overall had three hits and Aaron Judge continues to struggle at the plate you just hope he isn't hurt.  Below is my quick take on this as seen in The Times Union:

Hunter Wendelstedt should be suspended for throwing out Yankees manager Aaron Boone on Monday five pitches into the game against Oakland. Boone never said a word it was a fan in the stands who barked at Wendelstedt and Boone got bounced. Boone gets thrown out more then any manager in Major League Baseball and most times he deserves it, not on Monday when he kept his mouth shut. Major League Baseball needs to investigate because it's all captured on video and Wendelstedt was dead wrong.

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The Yankees have three more games at night vs the A's this week and are currently in a battle in the AL East.  It is by far and away the best division in all of Major League Baseball.  Top to bottom the competition is elite, so the Bronx Bombers need Judge to start hitting and Boone to be staying in games as the manager of the team.

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