New York State is home to many incredible pizzerias, but Empire State residents were just told to "avoid" these pizzerias.

What pizza joints should you avoid in New York?

New York State Home To 4 Of The Best Pizza Hometowns In America

The Best Ranked Pizza in America Can Be Found Near Hudson Valley
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Before we look at pizzerias you should avoid, first, let's take a look at some of the best places for pizza in New York.

Pizzello just released the results of a study regarding "The 250 Best Cities In America For Pizza." Four hometowns in the Empire State made Pizzelo's list, including the number one spot!

Below are the four hometowns in New York that made the list.

New York State Home To 4 Of The Best Pizza Hometowns In America

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Many of these hometowns are also home to pizza chains you should "avoid."

Pizza Chains You Should Avoid In New York State

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24/7 Wall Street just released a "special report" of the "5 Pizza Chains to Avoid."

Three of the five pizza chains to "avoid" have many locations in New York State. See the list below:

New Yorkers Told To Avoid These 250 Popular Pizzerias

24/7 Wall Street just released a "special report" of the "Pizza Chains to Avoid." Many locations are in New York

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Chuck E. Cheese, Little Caesars, Domino's Pizza Make List

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Chuck E. Cheese, Little Caesars and Domino's Pizza all made the list. To craft their list 24/7 Wall St. looked into pizza reviews on five different food blogs and websites.

"There was far greater consistency in the votes for the worst pizza chains, though. These five chains stood out in our survey due to their low rankings almost across the board," 24/7 stated.

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Papa Murphy's and Cicis both also made the "5 Pizza Chains to Avoid" list. Neither have locations in New York State. Papa Murphy's is found in nearly 40 states while Cicis has 280 eateries across 23 states.

Six Legendary New York State Pizzerias Among Oldest In United States

Pizza slice

One is even located in the Hudson Valley!

Take a look at the full list below.

6 New York State Pizzerias Among Oldest In America

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