Lawmakers hope to ban some Empire State residents from riding the transit system in New York.

5-Point Plan To Eliminate Crime In Subways In New York

This week, New York Gov. Kathy Hochul announced a five-point plan in hopes of driving down crime in New York City's subway system.

New York Governor Hochul Discusses Monkeypox Breakout
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"My five-point plan will rid our subways of violent offenders and protect all commuters and transit workers. I am sending a message to all New Yorkers: I will not stop working to keep you safe and restore your peace of mind whenever you walk through those turnstiles," Hochul stated.

Random Bag Checks

The first point of the plan is sending 1,000 members from New York State Police, MTA Police and the National Guard to help the NYPD conduct bag checks at stations.

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These bag checks will take place at "heavily trafficked locations," officials say. However, officials didn't say where the bag inspections will take place.

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Ban Individuals Convicted of Assault Within the Transit System from Services

Hochul is also pushing a bill that would allow judges to ban violent criminals from the transit system.

If passed, the bill will give judges the power to ban anyone convicted of assault in New York State from using any of the MTA's services.

Power Outage Affects MTA Subway Service Citywide
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This ban would be included in the person's sentence.

Other points of the 5-point plan include:

  • Improving Coordination Between Law Enforcement and District Attorneys
  • New Cameras to Protect Conductors and Staff
  • $20 Million to Expand the SCOUT Pilot in Addition to the SOS Program

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