Jay Cutler has always had the wrap of being a guy that didn't care and was basically boring. No matter how well he played quarterback in the NFL we all just saw him as an uncaring blob. In the last few years, TV networks were reportedly looking at Cutler to be part of their NFL broadcasts. At the time I couldn't figure out why, but after seeing how far Cutler is willing to go to save his chickens and that he's willing to document his battles with an unknown predator I can kinda see his value.

There's a chance that the combination of quarantine and a somewhat messy divorce has pushed Cutler over the edge or maybe he's always loved chickens more than football but either way I am entertained. Cutler has documented the battle between himself and a chicken killer on his Instagram stories.

TMZ Sports has been following along and promises to keep us all updated. I have an Instagram account but rarely use it so it's a good thing there are many ways to follow the battle of Cutler's chicken coup. I think I want an "Old Blue" t-shirt.

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