The night cap of what was a good day of NFL football turned out to be a one-sided affair.  Coming off of a disappointing loss to the Lions last week the Bears took it to the Minnesota Adrian Peterson's - an organization once stocked with...well, talent.  The talent still around failed to show up for the Vikings until, in small measure, the fourth quarter.  This was a dominating Bears win.  


Remember when I said that the Bears took it to the Vikings?  Well it started early when Jay Cutler found Devin Hester in double coverage for a long touchdown pass - a rough start for the Vikings as it looked that if either defensive back had bothered to look for the ball they could have knocked it down.  The rough start didn't end there, however as the Bears defense would soon make a play.  Backed up near his own end zone the artist formerly known as Donovan McNabb would drop back to pass and with the rush bearing down on him he would fall to his knees...while still in the end zone.  The image of McNabb falling to the ground while making no effort to get himself out of the end zone first is a tough one to swallow, and one that drives home the fact that this quarterback is a mere shell of what he once was.  The safety made it 9-0 Bears.

Following the safety, a systematic drive down the field would end with a Marion Barber touchdown to make it 16-0 Bears and the rout was on.  Continuing the domination, Cutler would tally another touchdown pass, this time to Dane Sanzenbacher, and then lead his team into field goal range for Robbie Gould.  All told the Bears put up 26 points in the first half and, if not for a Ryan Longwell field goal, would have netted a perfect thirty minutes of football.  Regardless, the halftime was merciful for the Vikings.  Despite putting up decent stats, McNabb did not look good for the Vikings in the first.  Nothing really looked good for the Vikings in the first to be honest.  Passes were under thrown, protection was sloppy and even Adrian Peterson couldn't get going.  Conversely, the Bears looked brilliant.  Jay Cutler was showing all of the parts of his game that the talking heads love, while keeping hidden its more perplexing qualities. Forte was looking rather Matt Forte like and the defense was stout.  Total domination by the Bears.

A Jared Allen sack fumble would open the second half.  The turn over, the only sack allowed by the horrid Chicago Bears offensive line, would set up an Adrian Peterson rushing touchdown.  There was hope for the Vikings?  No.  Devin Hester took the ensuing kick off 98 yards for the touchdown, begging the question, who kicks to this guy?!  The 33-10 score, more than anything, ended the game and ushered in the Christian Ponder era for the Minnesota Vikings. The first round pick made his first appearance and quickly interjected some life into the offense.  Ponder looked good early, making some strong throws and showing great speed for a few first down runs.  Nothing would save the Vikings, however, as they were throughly dominated from start to finish.  The Bears, who tacked on two Gould field goals, had come in and earned the victory which, while not beautiful, was authoritative.  Whether the commanding style of the win had more to do with their good play or the play of a Vikings team that looks very interested in Andrew Luck is unknown, but take it for what it's worth.  The Bears dominated.

The Bears will fly to London to take on the Buccaneers next, while the Vikings, who must decide if the Christian Ponder era has truly begun, will fly home to play the undefeated Green Bay Packers.  That should be fun.


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