Just imagine this my pig skin friends. Late January-Lambeau Field in little Green Bay and the Packers are playing for the 2nd straight NFL title and doing it against their hated rival the Chicago Bears. Unlike last years NFC title game this time barring any total disaster the Pack will host the title game. The great Aaron Rogers leads his mighty Pack onto the frozen tundra and here comes the Bears except wait a minute who is that leading the Monsters of the Midway onto the field-Is it the crucified Jay Cutler-NO. It is #4  on the uniform and #666 (meaning the devil to many) Brett Favre leading the Chicago Bears. Oh the fun.The possibilities.The story lines and imagine a huge upset. Hey with the thumb injury to Jay Cutler who finished the game vs San Diego just fine and did his post game presser just fine just to find out his digit was busted and so was his season,you just never know.After all it is sports and there is no better reality series then sports. How ironic that Cutler who many fans piled on after he hurt his knee in last years title game was replaced by a guy who everyone wanted replaced-or should I say those who think they should dictate when 1's career ends and how it ends

Imagine how angry,hateful and sanctimonious sportswriter who thinks they have the power to tell an athlete when to hang up their spikes and career would react to this. Imagine how dumb fan who thinks they should dictate how and when a career ends would react to this? All the meanwhile Favre lovers like myself would just sit back and smile and absorb this wonderful theater. Imagine how Ingrate Viking fan would feel?. Foolish Jet fan?. Hater fantasy football fan?

Now I think the injury to Cutler is unfortunate but in small ways funny.Cutler was called a dog and soft last year yet now that same Bears fan is praying he can return faster then the original diagnosis of 6-8 weeks. But if not,if Caleb Haney who was the flavor of the month for a short period last year falters well then who better to try and save the Bears. Oh I am laughing as I write this. The same Bears fan who for years wanted to kick Favre when he was destroying them now would have to embrace him. The QB who brings more juice to a storyline and football game then any drink any bartender could serve up now the savior of the Bears. Oh the poetic justice. Oh the knashing of teeth of the F bombs flying. Oh the  enjoyment of watching this spectacle for those who have no dog in that fight and just love controversy and story lines. I hope Haney does well but if not who better to try and save the Bears then #4. Marc Bulger-No. Kurt Warner-no. Brett Favre Chicago could be calling and how would it feel to answer that call!

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