Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler was caught cussing at his offensive coordinator during a 39-10 win over the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday.


Jay Cutler cussed at his offensive coordinator, Mike Martz, during the Bears' win over the Vikings on Sunday Night Football.  Cutler was upset that Martz called a running play before halftime instead of a passing play.  The Bears settled for a 51-yard field goal by Robbie Gould.  Cutler wanted to continue passing.

NBC had a camera on Cutler when he looked toward Martz and yelled, “Tell (Martz) I said f--k him.”  You can see the video for yourself below.  The cuss word IS NOT beeped out.  If you click on the video, you'll hear some cussing.

Emotions run high on NFL football fields.  Coaches cuss at players and players cuss at coaches.  Jay Cutler went above and beyond by yelling at Martz from the field though.  Plus, he didn't say something like, "Tell Martz I said pass the f--kin' ball."  He said, “Tell (Martz) I said f--k him.”  That's a bit much.  Judge for yourself below.

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