Adults beware!  We are being put to shame by kids who are 10 times better at creative thinking, marketing and hard work than we'll ever be.  Case in point: Jeremy Wernick, a  student at Shaker Junior High who is doing incredible things for childhood cancer.  You have to hear him explain it in his own words.

I had the pleasure of interviewing this amazing kid on the 11/15/15 edition of  Capital Region Sunday .    it was a pleasure to speak with and very modest about his many accomplishments, especially at such a young age.

You ever see those cartoons were the lightbulb appears over someone's head when they get a brilliant idea?   That sounds like what happened to Jeremy when he came up with the concept of collecting hats locally to give to children who are going through the trauma of chemotherapy.

He has collected an amazing amount of hats, but refuses to sit on his laurels.  You will be especially impressed when you hear of his motivation for doing this in the first place, and his goal for this year.  You will also be given information on how you can help, although if you have no time to listen right now, you can go directly to and find out more.  Here is the interview.

All I can say is "HATS OFF" to Jeremy.  Although in this case, I'm sure he hopes to put more "HATS ON".  And more importantly, we certainly hope we can stop childhood (and ALL cancer) SOON!!!


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