Parkinsons is  a dreaded disease. May no one reading this ever come down with this disease.  Former NBA stalwart Brian Grant, a big, strong, tough player in his 12  NBA seasons has the disease, and is now he fighting back.

I had Grant on my radio program Wednesday (Game On With Bruce Jacobs) he spoke honestly and straight forward how he contracted the disease, when he 1st noticed it, and how he combats it. To this day their is no cure for Parkinsons. Well known athletes and sctors also suffer from the disease, notably Mohammed Ali and Michael J Fox.

Grant though said while 1st in denial he doesn't sit around feeling sorry for himself. he fights with courage and a message.

Sunday he brings his message  to Albany. Washington Park to be exact. The day starts at 9am and there will be all kinds of activites and ways you can help the cause. The entire day which starts at 9am and ends at 4pm will cost you only 15 bucks with all the proceeds going to help those who suffer. Those events include  lunch, listening to Grant and others speak, wine tasting and you get a free tee shirt. There will also be a 5k run and the cost to enter that will be an additional 25 dollars per person.

Parkinson's is thought of as a disease you can contract at an advanced age. Not so. Grant was only retired  a short time and was 36 when he was diagnosed. It started with a twitching in his wrist.

If you want to paticipate in the day, in the run, or any other events or just donate a few bucks to help those in need you can do so. You can sign up for the run or the other events by going to The website for Grant specifically is

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