It's pretty easy to see that the New York Jets Le'Veon Bell marriage was doomed to fail. Bell was signed to a big money four year $52,500,000 deal by then GM Mike Mccagnan against the wishes of HC Adam Gase. Mccagnan is now unemployed, Bell has been released and signed with the Kansas City Chiefs and Gase is coaching on borrowed time. So why do I see a way that Bell could rejoin the Jets in the not too distant future?

In order for my theory to come true, Bell's issues need to be with Adam Gase and not the Jets organization. Assuming that's true think about this, Bell gets to exact revenge on the field when the Chiefs host the Gase lead Jets on November 1st. Bell then could very well faceoff against former Jets teammate Jamaal Adams in the Super Bowl if my prediction of Chiefs vs Seahawks comes true. Imagine how terrible Adam Gase, Joe Douglas, and Christopher Johnson would need to feel if their two former best players were playing for the Vince Lombardi Trophy while the Jets were preparing for the first pick in the 2021 NFL Draft.

Now, here comes the best and potentially craziest part of my plan! If Le'Veon Bell flourishes in the Chiefs' offense lead by Offensive Coordinator Eric Bieniemy it would make sense Bieniemy might want to bring Bell with him when he finally gets a head coaching job. SO how about this for the ultimate revenge against Adam Gase, Bell beats him on the field, Breaks his spirit by winning the Super Bowl THEN finishes the trifecta of pain by coming back to the Jets with Bieniemy when he gets Gase's old job? If I was writing this as a Hollywood movie this would be the perfect ending!

Goz wasn't convinced by my plan. Listen to his and my thoughts below.

This level of mismanagement from Gase could erase the Mark Sanchez "butt fumble" as the most embarrassing thing for the Jets in recent history.

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