The relationship between the Pittsburgh Steelers and All Pro Wide Receiver Antonio Brown seem to have reached their breaking point. Brown publicly asked to be traded and Vegas has set the odds on the favorites to land the WR. Jets may not be the favorite but they're one of 14 teams felt had a legit chance to get Brown.

According to the odds the Jets have a 12/1 chance right now to have Brown wearing green to start next season.

Courtesy of BetOnline (,Twitter: @betonline_ag).

What team will Antonio Brown Play for in Game 1 2019 NFL Regular Season?

Arizona Cardinals                      9/2

Green Bay Packers                   5/1

San Francisco 49ers                  5/1

Miami Dolphins                         11/2

Indianapolis Colts                      7/1

Oakland Raiders                        7/1

Cleveland Browns                     12/1

New York Jets                           12/1

Pittsburgh Steelers                    12/1

Washington Redskins                12/1

Buffalo Bills                              20/1

Baltimore Ravens                      20/1

Dallas Cowboys                        20/1

New England Patriots                25/1

 There's also odds on what it might cost to make the trade.

Antonio Brown Trade Compensation

Traded for Players Only                         3/1

Traded for Draft Picks Only                    5/4

Traded for Draft Picks and Players         3/2

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