The Christian Hackenberg era in New York is over before it began. The former Penn State standout has been traded before ever taking the field for the New York Jets. The Jets took USC Quarterback Sam Darnold with the third over all pick in this year's draft basically sealing the former second Jets draft picks fate with the Jets.

The Jets will receive a conditional seventh round pick for Christian Hackenberg from the Oakland Raiders. The Jets now have Josh McCown, Teddy Bridgewater and Sam Darnold as their quarterbacks and the Raiders quarterbacks are Derek Carr, Connor Cook, EJ Manuel and Hackenberg. There's a reasonable chance that Hackenberg even with a new throwing motion is cut before the season.

This move makes me think that Jon Gruden is looking for super depth at quarterback and doesn't believe in Manuel or Cook or possibly both. This trade is basically a lottery ticket for the Raiders if Hackenberg works out he can either back up Carr in case he get's hurt or be trade bait.

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