The HBO show "Hard Knocks" is one of my favorite shows every season. Each year they find drama and personalities no matter the team. The behind the scenes look as NFL teams make the cuts needed to form their 53 man roster along with the real life look at established stars and their families is must see TV. This year there are two clear cut favorites in my mind to make the show even better,either the New York Giants or the Oakland Raiders have to be the choice.

I'll make the case for the Giants first. General Manager Dave Gettleman's handling of the roster makes him a perfect villain for fans BUT the Eli Manning and Daniel Jones saga is the real story. How long will Eli be the starting QB for Big Blue and how soon will the fans and media start calling for first round draft pick Daniel Jones?

The Raiders really have to be the favorite though. Head Coach Jon Gruden and General Manager Mike Mayock have been on TV for years and know how to work a crowd. The Owner Mark Davis is a unique individual to say the least but Antonio Brown, Vontez Burfict and Derek Carr are all I need to tune in. The only argument against the Raiders this season is if the NFL and HBO want to wait until next year when the Raiders debut in Las Vegas. Here's the problem, if the team makes the playoffs somehow they can decline Hard Knocks.

The Other three teams that could be forced to be on the Docuseries are the Detroit Lions, San Francisco 49ers and the Washington Redskins. All three teams have some drama but none are where the Giants and Raiders are.

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