No other opponent of my beloved Jets conjures up so many emotions like the Dorsil Fins. I loath the Dolphins. Have since 1982 when Don Shula cheated the  Jets and the NFL by not covering the field even though it was mandated by the league that the home team keep the field in good playing condition as possible. Shula knew his team couldn't keep pace with the Jets high flying offense. The field in a quagmire helped Shula the cheater's dull-fins beat the Jets. Shut them out and no Super Bowl for my boys.I have carried this grudge since that day and will the  rest of my life.

Today at whatever that park is called these days Jet fans will take over as they usually do and watch the season finale. A dissapointing season will end with a loss and might even with a win. The Jets need a miracle to make the playoffs but it is a miracle that could happen. The Jets need Denver and or Oakland to lose. Could happen as the Raidrrs take on the under achieving but talented Chargers in what will be Norv Turner's last game as coach of the Bolts. Denver hosts KC and former Bronco QB Kyle Orton who wants his revenge on the Broncs for how he was treated by the organization and fans

The Jets need the Bengels to lose and that could happen. Cincy hosts Baltimore who needs the game for home field and the AFC North title and maybe a 1st round bye. Plus Cincy has a history of gagging big games. The Jets need Houston to defeat The Tennessee Titans and that could happen as the Texans need the game for a bye week and maybe 1st seed in the AFC or perhaps the 2nd seed. So you see all these things could happen but 1st the Jets must defeat the evil Dull-fins and make no mistake Miami is used to playing spoiler as they don't make the playoffs on a regular basis. 10 of 11 years  clown Dolphin fans you have missed the post season. Ha freeking ha!

Now the sorrow part. This very well could be the final game for the great LaDainian Tomlinson. It has been wonderful to watch this great player and great person wear the Jet green and white for the last 2 seasons. there is no question he has slowed down and that father time has caught up to the great LT. he has floated the idea that this could be it. LT is a new father in addition to age and that has him thinking about hanging it up. Tomlinson has been a credit to the NFL,  showing you can be great on and off the field. Some of my Charger friends don't care for LT claiming he whined too much especially at the end. Trust me they will be cheering him when he goes into the Hall of Fame as a Charger. While we Jet fans never got the best of LT we did get to watch him make many big plays and play with class. I will miss watching this great football player tote the rock or make the big catch out of the backfield if indeed he does decide this is it. Next stop for LT is Canton Ohio.Oh it's also the last game for Jayson Taylor of the fins. Yawn.another reason to detest that team!