Levack and Goz kicked off "New York Yankees' Week" Monday with an appearance from Jim Leyritz. Leyritz was a clutch part of the 1996 Yankees team that launched the dynasty. Lovingly known as "King", Leyritz was awesome enough to lead off the week for us. What better way to start Yankees Week sponsored by Roland J Down Service Experts than the guy who's clutch at-bats help get the Yankees a championship in 96 and came back to help in 1999?

Jim Leyritz played two seasons for the Albany Colonie Yankees and was with the big club when Derek Jeter made his debut. Leyritz recounts the behind the scenes battle between "The Boss" George Steinbrenner and the rest of the front office that believed in Derek Jeter and didn't want to trade Mariano Rivera. I prefer to not imagine what the Yankees would have looked like without not only "The Captain" Derek Jeter and "The Sandman" Mo Rivera. Luckily cooler heads prevailed. Those heads belonging to Joe Torre and Gene "Stick" Michaels.

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