Astros' Carlos Gomez cleared benches with his overreaction to a pop fly on Tuesday and followed it up with a home run. Former Yankee Jim Leyritz says the pinstripes should've made him pay on Wednesday.

"The fact that they did not drill him the first time up today, it just befuddles me," Leyritz said, Wednesday evening, to 'Armen and Levack' on 104.5 The Team. "I don’t understand where that etiquette of baseball has disappeared to that this guy didn’t wear one the first time up today.


"It would have been perfect too because Gattis just hit a home run, okay, 'Drill the guy. Let’s make the point right now'. It could have fired this team up and it could have gotten these guys going and I think something should have been done.

"It’s ridiculous that they did not establish with this guy. At least throw it up and in and knock him off his feet a little bit."

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