Every year Jimmy Kimmel Live takes the "Mean Tweets" experience and unleashes it on NBA stars. I have crazy respect for these guys because I hate all the venom on Twitter I get and there's no way I'm even close to what Kevin Durant gets. Watch how the top NBA stars react to some of the meanest comments Twitter has to offer.

I love the guys that roll with the comments like Ben Simmons, Chris Bosch and Khris Middleton. Middleton's googly eyes are epic and he owns them! HOWEVER the best/ most disturbing response comes from Robin Lopez. The two giant twins are sitting there together and the Tweet asks "If Brook and Robin Lopez are twins then why is Robin the only one that sucks ass?" Robin fires back with a creepy look and "Because I'm adventurous in the bedroom." I was legit shook by that but hey man good for you...own your truth lol.

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