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Jimmy Kimmel’s NBA Mean Tweets Are Back [VIDEO]
Every year Jimmy Kimmel Live takes the "Mean Tweets" experience and unleashes it on NBA stars. I have crazy respect for these guys because I hate all the venom on Twitter I get and there's no way I'm even close to what Kevin Durant gets. Watch how the top NBA stars react to some of the meanest comments Twitter has to offer.
Guillermo Hunts LeBron James [VIDEO]
Media day for the NBA isn't half the circus the NFL media day is but Jimmy Kimmel and Guillermo are doing what they can to change that. Guillermo has been chasing LeBron James for three years now. Is this the year he finally gets to interview LBJ...
NBA Mean Tweets
This is Jimmy Kimmel's most recent mean tweets: NBA. This version features all NBA starts reading tweets about them. I love this bit -- it's always funny and usually the players don't know the tweets they are going to read. Feel free to send Levack any mean tweets about the show to @thejefflevack on Twitter or Email me at wolf@1045theteam...
3 Ridiculous Questions With Shaq [VIDEO]
I rarely get to stay up late enough to watch Jimmy Kimmel Live. It sometimes takes me a week or so to catch up with whatever he, Jimmy Fallon, Conan O'Brien and James Corbin are up to. This is one I missed live but made me laugh when I caught it...
Michael Jordan Can Palm What ?
Whether it's NBA players reading mean tweets, or having a shoot off with athletes, Jimmy Kimmel always brings it when he has athletes on the late night show. On Sunday night, after game 2 of the NBA Finals, Kimmel had on arguably the greatest to ever to play the game Michael Jordan on the show. Dur...
Mean Tweets NBA Edition Are Here [VIDEO]
The world is full of Twitter Terrorist and Social media assassins! People who post terrible and mean things on Social Media with no thought of the effect their comments have on others, especially the famous people of the world. Thanks to these evil SOB's Jimmy Kimmel has a segment called "Mean Tweets" where stars, athletes and even Presidents read insulting Tweets about themselves... Rea
Mike Tyson Performs Ode To LeBron On Jimmy Kimmel Show [VIDEO]
There is a popular misconception in this great nation of ours that if you put Mike Tyson in something, it becomes funny. Just ask the writers of The Hangover 3 (Is that Mike Tyson?... In a dress?!?!). However, when Jimmy Kimmel had Tyson on his program to sing an ode to LeBron, it was comedic gold.