Don't worry if you are 1 of those on guard 24 hours a day for alleged or real racist or gay slurs. This time the former Atlanta Braves closer, and a few other clubs, opened his mouth about steroids and how the game was better with the players juicing and cheating.

Rocker appeared on sports radio in Cleveland, 92.3 The Fan, and claimed fans liked the game better with players cheating, and how the game was more exciting as well.

Rocker it should be noted is a former roid user. In fact when I had him on the program about a year ago ( Game On With Bruce Jacobs), Rocker didn't deny using the junk but also hammered MLB commissioner Bud Selig as a hypocrite on the issue.

Rocker, during the interview on The Fan claimed " Honestly this may go against from a ethical standpoint, I think it was the better game. I think they want to see some clown throw a fastball 101 mph and some other guy hit it 500 feet."

Rocker then asked rhetorically " was there anything more entertaining then 1998, I don't care how each man got there, was there anything more entertaining than 1998, watching Sammy Sosa and Mark McGuire chase 61 home runs."

Now I am outraged! I have written and spoken much on the evil of steroids, and myself have a ZERO tolerance policy for roid cheating by these players. I find promoting it and glorifying it disgusting and dishonest.

No that chase wasn't the be all and end all for me as a baseball fan and not even in the same area as a well pitched game, but beyond that it makes the entire history of the games records moot and baseball more then any other sport is about the record books. It cheapens the product, it is basically stealing from the fans who pay good money to watch a genuine product and competition. Roid ball is anything but!

Rocker's mouth got him into trouble  when back in 1998 uttered some harsh words about gays and minorities in relation to riding on a train in New York. Sports Illustrated ran the story and that was the beginning of the end for Rocker. At the time Rocker was loved in Atlanta with his rouge image and mound antics. In New York Rocker was hated. Badly. With the Mets and Braves squaring off for NL east supemecy Rocker fed the fuel for the hate he got back in spades. As a Met fan I was proud to hate Rocker.

Rocker bounced around the big leagues for a few years and teams. It should be mentioned he now does honorable work with Military Veterans.

Once again though I have ample reason to severely disagree with John Rocker!

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