Cancer strikes thousands of lives across the country each year.  In many cases, it can affect us personally.

American Cancer Society (ACS) helps those diagnosed with cancer through every step of the process as they fight against the dreaded disease.

ACS works hard in their effort to fund and find a cure. So much so that local colleges around the Capital Region are getting involved. On Friday, April 24, The College of Saint Rose will be holding their annual Relay for Life event from 3 p.m. to 3 a.m. as they try to raise money to help ACS, those battling, and that have battled cancer, finish the fight.

Relay for Life involves a number of teams, trying to raise the most money possible to donate to ACS.  One of the teams in particular that has put an enormous amount of time and effort in to raising funds is team Notorious C.U.R.E.

"Our goal is to stop the manifestation of the disease in peoples' lives and to allow people to have their lives back so they can feel healthy and good about themselves, while we keep the people we love in our lives and prevent them from getting this disease,"  Alexandra Luttinger, Notorious C.U.R.E. team captain said.

Notorious C.U.R.E. has more than tripled in size since they started their campaign.

"Our team started in 2012 and we're mainly comprised of students. All of us have the drive to fight against cancer because it has affected us all in some way," Luttinger said.

We would like to help out at 104.5 the Team as well while extending the invitation to our listeners. If any of our listeners would like to donate to the cause and help fight back against cancer, click here.

Someday there will be a cure for cancer, and in the words of the late great Jim Valvano, "Don't give up. Don't ever give up."

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