There may not be a more bitter and hate filled rivalry in all of sports than Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier. These two have no respect for each other whatsoever. IT's odd that Jon "Bones" Jones is the crowd favorite when he has made many mistakes. Everything from Cocaine to steroids have kept Jones from fighting in the UFC. Meanwhile Daniel "DC" Cormier is almost hated and all he's done has kept his nose clean and talk too much.

The hatred is so deep Jones may have admitted to even more than we already knew after telling Cormier "I beat you after a weekend of cocaine."

TMZ Sports reports: Jones said the drug bender was part of something he called "a month for the ages" -- explaining how he did a "weekend of cocaine" and then beat Cormier the following weekend.
FYI, Jones had previously admitted the cocaine use after the positive drug test was revealed back in '15 -- but played it down as a one-time slipup saying, "I'm not a cocaine addict by any means or not even a frequent user."
Cormier called Jones a junkie and accused him of also "sandblasting prostitutes" the same weekend. Jones denied sandblasting any prostitutes.

This fight will be know if Jones can fight by then.

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