The former No.1 pound for pound fighter in the UFC Jon Jones pleaded guilty Tuesday in New Mexico District Court to one count of leaving the scene of an accident, and has avoided jail time in the process.

The former UFC light heavyweight champion was handed down a conditional discharge and was sentenced to supervised probation for up to 18 months. The deal will allow Jones to avoid an official conviction.

Jones was stripped of his UFC belt and suspended indefinitely, after hitting a pregnant women in the accident, before leaving the scene. Also found in his car was a marijuana bowl. This came only months after Jones tested positive for cocaine, after a wild weekend in Vegas before his fight.

Many expect him to return immediately to the UFC, especially after President Dana White made comments about him getting his title shot immediately. "He comes right back and he fights for the title,"  White announced "If you look at the murderer's row of the 205-pound division that he went through, and he just went through it like a hot knife through butter, I mean, he's the man. So whenever he gets his stuff together, he'd come right back and fight for the title."

As a fan of the sport, and the dominance of Jones, I hope this was the rock bottom lesson you hear so many talk about.