Do offensive coordinators have to undergo any drug tests or is it just the players? I really don't know the answer, but based on a claim by Pederson, perhaps OC's should be tested.

Pederson claims, with a straight face, the Alex Smith is the best quarterback in the NFL. I am not joking!

Pederson was quoted as saying " ultimately every team needs a QB, i think we have the best in the league."

Now you might claim that every coach tries to play up their players, give them confidence, and sing their praises. Yeah sure. In a league with Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, Tom Brady, Aaron Rogers, just to name a few, no one in their right mind would even think that Smith is the best of the bunch. That's just laughable.

In ESPN's rating system, called total QBR, Smith finished 7th in the NFL last year using that formula. How many would even argue he is the 7th best quarterback frankly.

Smith has done a nice job the last 2 years, but his play was mostly abysmal if not just poor his 1st 7 years in the league. I mean how can anyone even utter this type of foolishness with a straight face.

You have to wonder about Pederson's cred at this time, or what kind of plays he is going to dial up for what he considers " The best QB in the NFL."

Here I thought Alex Rodriguez claiming he wants to be a role model was the goofiest thing I have heard all week coming from a sports figure. Pederson's comment ties Rodriguez for being in oblivion and absurdity.