Kelvin Sampson coached the Knicks' second pick of this year's draft Damyean Dotson with the Houston Cougars. We asked coach Sampson what we could expect from Dotson?

Consistency and effort. That kid plays hard. He really competes. A lot of guys that play hard, not everybody competes. Damyean Dotson competes. Outstanding three-point shooter. And I talked to the Knicks twice yesterday, and one of the last things I said to the guy I was talking to is, “Pull up our game at Memphis this year, and just look at his solid tips.” You know, and then you turn around, and he averages seven rebounds a game from the wing position, so, but that tells you a little  bit about his experience. You know, a lot of guys want to rebound, and I’m like, “Get in there and fight for ‘em.” But Dot rebounds the ball, makes open threes, does not take bad shots, shoots when he should shoot and passes when he should pass, and he’s a great team player. A joy to coach.

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