If you watched Super Bowl LV on TV not only did they cut away before you could see some fan make his way out on the field and strip down to a hot-pink bathing suit while running for his life, you also missed the most exciting call of the game. If you were listening on 104.5 The Team you heard the legendary Kevin Harlan do what he does better than anyone, roll with the action on the field, and paint a picture with his words. Harlan once again went viral when instead of ignoring the moron on the field he gave the rest of us a play-by-play account that was better than most of the game.

We later found out the goof that I'm sure spent the night in jail was tied to some YouTube account. Here's the call with a video from YouTube. Try not to laugh.

This isn't the first time that Kevin Harlan has made lemons out of lemonade and turned what for most is a distraction and interruption into entertaining brilliance. The week one matchup between the San Fransisco 49ers and Los Angeles Rams was a 28-0 yawn fest but Harlan's call of a fan in that game stole the show as usual.

The most famous and honestly most amazing call had to be the MetLife Cat from the 2019 Giants vs Cowboys game. Harlan even works in a sponsorship for the red zone.

Kevin Harlan is a genius and I love his calls!

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