The NBA Summer League has never really held my attention. As a Knicks' fan it's been rare in recent history that the Knicks even had a first round pick let alone one as exciting as Kevin Knox. I almost feel bad because second round pick Mitchell Robinson has also been good but Knox has been awesome.

We had Kevin Knox's former assistant coach from Kentucky Tony Barbee on the show and he had nothing but praise for the young man. I say "young man" because that's exactly what Knox is. the 6' 9 216 ponder is only 18 years old and won't turn 19 until this August. If he can translate this style of play into success in the actual NBA and Mitchell Robinson contributes this could be an exciting season for the Knicks. They clearly still need a few pieces like a healthy Kristaps Porzingus and maybe one more legit NBA star but Knox is exciting and giving the fans that flock to MSG hope.

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