We asked Kentucky Assistant Coach Tony Barbee what we could expect from Kevin Knox. His answer gives me hope.

Coach Barbee on Kevin Knox:

A true wing player at 6’9 still with ability to put the ball on the floor, create his own shot, and be able to shoot the ball with range (well beyond NBA line). Also uses size to rebound at a high level, and is a very unselfish player - knowing when to shoot, get teammates involved, etc.

Wants to be one of the best ever and isn’t shy to talk about it. Very competitive and always wants to win. This contributes to his work ethic. Gym rat, watches tape and is always working on his game.

His physical attributes and the way he goes about his game is ‘like a Kevin Durant’ type. He’s bigger and stronger than you would think by looking at him.

“His growth potential is just ridiculous with age” as we are seeing in the summer league.

Similar spotlight and expectation from Kentucky has prepared him for bright lights of New York, changing Knicks toward winning culture.

Knox and Coach Fizdale will both help bring the best out of one another; Barbee believes Fizdale’s style is similar to that of Calipari which will make transition easier for Knox.

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