I've heard all of the overreactions to the New York Knicks not signing Kevin Durant, or any max contract guy for that matter, and I have to say I think they did really well. IF Durant never ruptured his Achilles I would feel very different but he did and when his Achilles popped so did the dreams of a quick rebuild for the Knicks. In the past, this team would overreact and sign the biggest name available and mortgage the future to appease the fans. These moves were measured, smart and made the team better.

The two most valuable things to trade in the NBA are Draft picks and expiring contracts. The Knicks are flush with both. There isn't a single player on the Knicks under contract past 2023 and the only player through 2023 is 3rd overall pick of this year's draft RJ Barrett. Taj Gibson(34) and Wayne Ellington(31) are the only players in their 30's and both of their deals expire in 2021.

Now let's talk draft picks. In 2020 the Knicks have a 1st and two 2nd rounders, 2021 two 1st and two 2nd, 2022 a 1st and 2nd and 2023 two 1st and a 2nd. That's 12 picks 6 1st and 6 2nd in the next four years.

Finally, the potential of a young and dynamic starting five is also exciting to me.

PG Dennis Smith Jr (21) 9th pick 2017 Draft (Mavericks)
SG Kevin Knox (19) 9th pick 2018 Draft (Knicks) He's listed at SF but has played guard and really we're just looking for the five best players anyway.
SF RJ Barrett (19) 3rd pick 2019 Draft (Knicks)
PF Julius Randle (24) 7th pick 2014 Draft (Lakers)
C Mitchell Robinson (21) Round 2, 36th pick 2018 Draft (Knicks)

So if not landing Kevin Durant who won't play this season is the key to your misery imagine how good these five could be a year from now if they log real minutes together all season long.

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