Michael Beasley has been a pleasant surprise for the New York Knicks. He's played real minutes and made a pretty bad team almost tolerable from time to time. It's funny when you remember that he was a second overall pick and the man behind Dewayne Wade in Miami. I had no idea how close he was to Kevin Durant!

ESPN had the two men sit down to dinner and talk about old times and how different their paths have been even though they started out with tons of similarities. They grew up together, both men were second overall picks in the NBA draft (Durant in 2007 and Beasley in 2008) and that's where the paths part ways. Durant went on to become a superstar and Beasley has had to scratch and claw to keep his pro basketball career alive including a trip to China to play for the Shanghai Sharks.

After watching this I really like Beasley and I hope he finishes strong and ends his career as a star here in New York.

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