This time last year we began to lose all hope in the "Zen Master" Phil Jackson. The Knicks were lucky to end the season with a 17-65 record and it appeared there was no end in sight as to how bad they really were. Well here we are a year later and i'm not saying the Knicks are great...I'm not even saying they're GOOD but i am saying they're better and good is in sight.

The Knicks beat the Atlanta Hawks to get to 16-19 on the season and will play those same Atlanta Hawks tomorrow night with a chance to get their 17th win on this young season. If the Knicks pull off the upset victory tomorrow they will have 46 more games to improve on last season and dare I say make a run at a playoff spot.

With the addition of a few free agents, a happy(for the most part) Carmelo Anthony and of course Kristaps Porzingis the Knicks are far better than I thought they'd be.

Thanks you Zen Master! HOPE SPRINGS ETERNAL!!!!

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