Tonight will be the first time since forcing his way out of New York that former Knick Kristaps Porzingis will play at Madison Square Garden. I know my Knicks are a mess and I'm aware many factors effected KP's tenure at the Garden but you disrespected my team and now you're gonna hear about it.

The simple truth is KP hadn't done a whole heck of a lot before demanding superstar treatment from the Knicks. The potential was obvious but so were the injuries and the drama. When I hear reporters and fans act like the Knicks blew it when they traded KP, it blows my mind, The guy didn't want to be in New York! His brother did everything he could to force a trade. Were the Knicks supposed to over pay a player we hadn't seen play a full season yet? I was all about KP and still hope he's successful because he looks like a special player but it was never going to work in New York and that's on him!

Porzingis said "Social media is mostly negative, we will see. It is going to be a lot of emotion, that is for sure. I am excited to play. Playing at the Garden is always fun. It is going to be weird at the same time." I hope he knows the "Bronx cheer" AKA Booooooing is going to be deafening every time he touches the ball. If you're someone that thinks booing players is wrong I'll ask you this. Do you realize the only worse than booing is not caring? If he wasn't the fan's dream of the future none of would even care he's coming back. Good luck in the future KP...but not tonight!

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