The Boston Celtics were out classed yet again by the Milwaukee Bucks and a lot of blame needs to go to Kyrie Irving. Irving went 7 for 22 last night and 8 for 22 the game before. I can handle a few bad nights and I can except the fact the Bucks are really good which could make Irving look bad but I can not accept leaving the game early. Which is exactly what Irving did.

When asked by a media member what was he thinking leaving the could without his teammates and seconds still left on the game clock, Irving said "The game was over." The Knicks have a chance if they handle free agency correctly and get lucky in the draft to go from worst to first in the Eastern Conference. The Additions of Kevin Durant and Zion Williamson would be huge but you still need one more free agent star. I've been saying this for a while, I don't think that star is Irving. I'd much rather have Jimmy Butler, who might be a little intense but you can see he wants to win. Reality of the situation is the Knicks need to sign whoever Kevin Durant wants but I really hope it's not Kyrie. Irving wore Lakers' colored sneakers last night and he fits with LeBron James so please let him go there.

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