Every sports fan has wondered, at some point or another, how they would fair against a pro athlete in a pick up game. Some are realistic and want to know just how badly they’d get schooled, some throw out absurd lines like “I can throw a better football than Tim Tebow” and actually firmly believe it. Well, Pepsi Max and Kyrie Irving released a new commerical that may help you gauge just how badly you’d get whooped.

Check out this video of Kyrie Irving, disguised as “Uncle Drew” schooling a bunch of unsuspecting street ballers in a pick-up game. Not only is the reaction by the crowd and players pretty funny, but its great watching Irving do work against regular ball players. I mean, the NBA Rookie of the Year takes these guys to school. If you ever thought “man, I could guard that guy” while watching an NBA game, this video is proof that, no, you probably cant.

On an unrelated note, I actually can throw a better football than Tim Tebow…

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