With NBA free agency looming, lots of questions surround where superstar Kevin Durant will play. Will he head back to Oklahoma City? Will he go to Golden State? How about San Antonio?

The Spurs are one of the teams that Durant will meet with. What should the Spurs sales pitch to be to KD? We brought in San Antonio Spurs star forward LaMarcus Aldridge to ask him what he would say to KD.

Furthermore, Aldridge signed with the Spurs last year after nine years in Portland. What is the free agent process like?

We also asked Aldridge how his dislocated pinkie finger is doing and what impact it had on him in the playoffs - and how he feels having to miss the Olympics as a result of the injury.

Finally, Aldridge is coming to the Capital Region is the summer and he's bringing his basketball camp with him. Aldridge will be at Watervliet High School from July 11-14.

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