With a move to Los Angeles unlikely, the Oakland Raiders and owner Mark Davis are still in search of a possible new home. Davis is scheduled to meet with Las Vegas Sands chairman and CEO Sheldon Adelson today on a possible relocation and construction of a new stadium on the campus of UNLV.

Adelson is planning to build a $1 Billion, 65,000 seat domed stadium on the newly purchased 42 acre space of land on the campus of UNLV.

Las Vegas seems like a great place for an NFL team. Considering the situation with the Raiders trying to move to L.A. and the rumors swirling around the possibility of a move to San Antonio, Las Vegas presents a very interesting option.

Las Vegas can provide a rather large fan base for an NFL team, and like the Minnesota Vikings over the last few seasons, you can draw quite the large crowd for a team playing on a college campus essentially. Also Las Vegas, the gambling capital of the U.S., presents an intriguing revenue market for the team as well. A move to Las Vegas would also mean that the Raiders would be able to stay in the AFC West.

Would you like to see an NFL team in Las Vegas?


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